January 2020 Releases & News


We encourage you to share this month's News/ email with your buddies and club members. We recommend to them to sign up for our latest email news at www.jtcmodeltrains.com to make sure they are getting the latest news and information regarding our product releases. We also have information on our Facebook page that might have a little more information that a modeler is looking for, that might not be on our website. SEE JANUARY FLYER HERE.

 Our chassis product line will be growing in available products. We have added a very limited stock of an undec 2 pack chassis kit directly from JTC item # 142000. Our January release includes 4 different 40' Chassis schemes in 2 packs for $31.95 which include (K-LINE, TRAC, MITSUI O.S.K. and SEALAND).

Also Look for our variety packs of 20' and 53' chassis entering the market followed by 2 packs of chassis around 3rd quarter 2020 and a continuous supply of 40ft chassis with new schemes regularly.

Our newly tooled 40 standard height container series has rib sides and smooth sides and had the first initial 8 schemes available starting in December '19 with 8 more being released this month, 4 rib side and 4 smooth side schemes. We have a ton more schemes that will allow us to date back to the 1960's thru today, and New standard height body styles in 2020.

We are also pleased to announce a specially designed container three pack that celebrates the NMRA Gateway 2020 event, NTrak and T-Trak. This package will include two 20' containers and one 53' container. The MSRP is $49.95 through our website and can be pre-ordered beginning 1/6/2020. However, there is special pricing when purchased through the N-Trak online store at http://www.ntrak.org/ntrak_store/default.html for members and non-members. Pre-order now to guarantee yours today when they arrive June 2020. 

 We are also sharing an ad of our pre-production sample of our 9 rib NSC well car with some new items that will be officially announced at Amherst. 

 Below are direct links to each new product:


40's standard height Smooth sided

3 Rib x panel side

40' High Cube

40' chassis (2 packs)

Chassis kit bash undeco - 142000 https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/40-chassis-kit-jtc-142000-kit-bashers-2-pack

Happy New Year. Thank you for your interest in the JTC product line. We look forward to serving your modeling needs in the years to come.

Stan and Steve

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