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The Doors End, is in sight !

  The Doors!  We've used four of the seven door types tooled, so far, on the open top containers. Here's a little Photo log showing the ends of the new releases that will ship late next week('wave' sides), and of the first 'Rib' style sides. Later in 2018 some additional door styles will be on new open top schemes, and some new 'Tops'...  

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New Release # 2 info and Pre-production photos on releases #3 & 4.....

Greetings, JTC's second new container body type, the corrugated 'wave' style canvas/open top containers are scheduled to be at Dealers by mid-February. Look for these colorful models soon. Note the multiple door type variants continue in this release: In production photo, Yang Ming containers:   Here is a pre-production sample photo of JTC Container types 3&4; the 40' High-cube container and the 20' standard height container.  These will be in production in March and April, and will have the magnetic connection system and matching IBC pins. The 40' HC container has 7 different door variants tooled, and the 20' std....

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All New, and Unique - never before available in N Scale, container models.

"Imagine that modelers can actively, and easily change out their container loads, just as the prototype does – what variety and change-up there will be for modeling, much like switching out boxcars of old."

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JTC Models' magnetic system

Our Magnetic system...

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