Container Chassis

1:160, N Scale North American prototype Chassis Series.

40' Chassis  - FIRST RELEASE ARE MULTIPACKS OF SIX (6) CONTAINERS IN ONE LARGE JEWEL BOX, 2 CONTAINERS OF THREE DIFFERENT PAINT SCHEMES.  -TWO different 6-packs Available.  These are value priced to help fill your initial Chassis needs.

2-packs of 40' Chassis are now in Stock.


53' Chassis - Scheduled Q3 -2022

20' Chassis - Scheduled Q3 - 2022

Pre-produce samples above; you can see the metal plates that match up with container magnets, to help keep the  container in place. In production the plates are painted the body color.

  • The 20' Chassis will come in two configurations, extended wheelset and standard wheelset.
  • 53' chassis will come in two axle and three axle versions, and have multiple locating points.

45' & 48' Chassis - 2023

 These are models of container chassis, used to haul containers to their final destination, and used in Rail transport. They are finely detailed, miniatures with scale frames and details, and detailed painting & printing.

Models Feature;

  • North American Prototype design with Gooseneck (except the 20') - all new Tooling.
  • 20' & 40' have IBC 'PIN' holes for connection of  containers compatible with the JTC standard.
  • metal plates built in to attract to container magnets (JTC standard).
  • precise printing as per prototype.
  • 10 Lug wheel hubs.
  • Comes with 'Up' and 'Down' landing gear parts.
  • Mud-flaps, simulated air system detail.
  • 22+- hand assembled part connections.