HO Scale 1:87

HO Scale 1:87 - OCEAN 53 Containers - NEW TOOLING - HO scale. 'Ocean 53 - 53' HIGH CUBE 6-42-6 corrugated side containers with Magnetic system, and IBC pins. OCEAN 53 containers have IBC corner castings at the 53' corners, whereas most 53' containers do not have IBC corner castings at the 53' outside corners. These were pioneered by APL, who had a 53' Ocean service for a time. After APL ceased the 53' Ocean business, many of those containers made their way to secondhand owners. Additionally, many other new containers have been built for service from the US mainland to the Caribbean, and South America, and Alaska. Many Ocean 53 containers ended up in service in Canada as well. JTC will be posting a lot of History and information on these containers.