Double Stack Well cars - NSC- National Steel Car versions

Double stack well cars used to transport containers. National Steel Car [ NSC ] styles / types as noted.

National Steel Car is the largest manufacturer of rolling stock in Canada, based in Hamilton, Ontario. The company was founded in 1912, and has been a top 3 rolling stock manufacturer in Canada for its lifetime.


National Distributors are: Heartland Hobby Wholesale, and Hobbytyme Distributors.

These detailed models are die cast metal with etched stainless steel walkways and handrails for durability, Plastic detail parts for the air system. Come with Micro-Trains brand trucks & couplers. They come packaged in a plastic 'Jewel box' for safe transit and storage.

MODEL FEATURES: Design and Engineered for modeler's use

  • Diecast detailed body for weight and tracking ability, loaded or empty.
  • JTC has made the end grabs, foot step, and walkways out of etched stainless steel, with see thru grating. The SS will generally bend, instead of breaking like plastic. The SS will also hold up to general handling much better than plastic.
  • JTC has designed this model to accept other brands of containers; We have test fit the following for fit: All JTC products of course; These 53' containers; Atlas, Deluxe, KATO, Micro-Trains, Scale Trains. Also 48 footers by; Deluxe, Micro-Trains, Walthers.
  • The Interior has 'PIN' location holes for proper fit of the JTC 20' and 40' containers, for easy placement/alignment of the 53' container on top of these.
  • The Design of the interior 'PIN' holes at 40' locations are oval shaped to accept a proper fit in the well, of the other brands.
  • Engineered for the 9-post NSC versions to come with Micro-Trains brand 100T trucks, and M-T couplers -body mounted at the Factory in a unique method to have the smallest coupler box profile.
  • Precise painting & decorating as per prototype photos.
  • JTC suggested minimum radius is 18" for the length of car. However, on the Test layout, they constantly traversed 15" curves, and 's' switches loaded and empty, push or pull, in model Intermodal trains connected to various other brands of intermodal cars.  Variances can be caused by type of car connected and/or trackwork, Others tested these with smaller radius curves - results could vary with connected car type.