40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated side containers; multiple door and front variants

MAY 2020 - NEW BODY STYLE - The 40' Standard height (8.6") corrugated side steel containers; Available with multiple door and front variants. These Steel containers span from late 1970's to in service Today(2020), and have been the workhorse of the trade for many years. Only the 40'  Steel HC has eclipsed it's numbers. In many countries HC can not be used due to clearance issues, so the 40' standard 8'6' height container is still most popular in many areas.

The 40' corrugated side standard height container is part of JTC's Series of 40' standard height containers, and we have Tooled 12 different doors and 5 fronts for use in this series. Door types are matched with photos for each scheme, and sometimes schemes can have more than one door type for added variety.

These Toolings allow JTC to provide prototypically accurate doors which can impact logo & lettering placements. This group starts with the MAY 2020 Releases, and we have hundreds of schemes to cover, which will provide plenty of options for your modeling pleasure and collection.

Here's some First Group release photos. Note that JTC custom matches each scheme's color. In this 'Blues' photo you can see four different Door 'types', as well as different color shades to match prototypes.

Here are more of Group one's end photos.