Jacksonville Terminal Company, JTC, is introducing a NEW line of products called the Visionary Series, or VS. This is not a new concept to the industry but is new to JTC because we have been mainly focusing on producing prototype models of shipping and transport companies. We want to give modelers the opportunity to have unique model pieces in addition to our regular prototype models of shipping and transport companies. This will also open the door for those famous model railroads people admire, talk about and want to have a little piece of history for their own layout or collection.
The extensive amount of research that goes into producing our prototype products usually uncovers years of history and images that will be used to help develop our new product line. We have built our infrastructure of molds to allow for maximum variation to the market and to cover many time frames with these customized products.
Many considerations will be made to make our product look as if it belonged in your modeling world era. Container types, doors, roofs, sides, pantone colors, specific markings, etc. will be utilized to help us achieve a product that could have been realistically available in a past or present timeframe. Some products will be produced that will allow our graphic artists to work with some perimeters to achieve a totally unique product. An example of this would be our first holiday container which begun from a prototype scheme but has been developed further. Special schemes for shows such as the Gateway2020 would also fall under this product line. And, we have been in contact with some popular model railroad's owners to develop a product that fits their Freelanced model railroad, and that many other ‘Freelancers’ would appreciate owning. These will be one-of-a-kind collectibles and production quantities will be limited. Maybe you have your own ‘Freelance’ railroad line that needs container service!
The Visionary Series will initially be sold directly through JTC's website under the Visionary Series and clearly marked on our product labels.
We are super excited about this product launch and to deliver never seen before products. If you or someone you know has a large following of their personal ‘Freelance’ line, please share this with them and send them our way as we would like to work with them. This series will also open the door for any clubs or business that would like a special run with custom artwork. Please direct all inquiries to and have VS or Visionary Series in the subject line.  First VS items are N Scale 53’ Freelanced Domestic containers that are expected by Q1 2021. HO Scale will follow later in 2021. More details coming soon.
These models feature IBC connecting pins and our Magnetic connection system (magnets on bottom; metal plates on top) and are decorated with detailed prototype ‘Style’ printing.
VISIONARY SERIES - Non-prototype models, including; Freelance, private model railroads, models from or inspired by ads, seen in movies or event models decorated for particular companies, prototype and model, and Special occasion and non prototype art models, and Holiday containers. And - what else ? 
N Scale Appalachian Lines / Virginia Midland 53' domestic container - March 2021
Coming Q2 2021:  Appalachian Lines - V&O, and AM containers.
HO Scale Later in 2021
N Scale 2020 JTC Holiday container - 'Santa's Night Ride' 53' domestic HC.
N Scale  Harrison's Heart 40' HC containers. Event Fundraiser.