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Name History; Jacksonville Terminal Company – The Prototype Railroad

The property owned by the Jacksonville Terminal Company, consisted of a union passenger depot, engine terminal, passenger and freight yards, and associated facilities, located in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The mileage consisted of 1.701 miles of first main, 1.463 miles of second main, 1.313 miles of third main, 1.675 miles of fourth main, and 34.575 miles of yard tracks and sidings, aggregating 40.727 miles of all tracks owned and used. The station building is located on Bay and Johnson Streets and is a modern concrete structure 72 feet by 360 feet with large concourse of steel with concrete roof. There were 14 stub and 11 through passenger tracks that served the station, all provided with butterfly covered platforms. A subway with ramps was used in reaching the outer or through tracks. There were also two tracks for the passage of through freight trains.

JTC also owned an express building which it leased to the Railway Express Agency. On the other hand, the latter leased to the JTC mail sheds and platform, while a hoist was leased from a private party, R. J. Gillespie.

The JTC was controlled jointly by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company, Florida East Coast Railway Company, Seaboard Air Line Railway Company, Southern Railway Company, and Georgia Southern and Florida Railway Company, hereinafter referred to as the proprietary companies. The proprietary companies had joint use of the common-carrier property of the JTC, except that leased to the Florida East Coast Railway Company and to third parties.


The JTC was incorporated April 7, 1894, under general laws of Florida for the purpose of furnishing terminal facilities in and near the city of Jacksonville for any railroad and other transportation companies having transportation lines running to Jacksonville with which the JTC might contract.


The original property of the JTC was acquired by construction in 1894 and 1895 and opened for operation February 4, 1895. The work was performed largely by company forces. At one time Jacksonville Terminal was the busiest passenger terminal in the US.

Jacksonville Terminal Company – the railroad ceased to operate in 1976, after Amtrak moved to a suburban location. Today the facility is a convention center.

The Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center is the only southern railroad station in the nation that has been converted into a state-of-the-art convention center. The Center features 78,000 square feet of exhibit space divisible into two separate halls. There are 22 meeting rooms of combined space to accommodate various requirements.


Jacksonville Terminal Company, LLC – a Family owned model train manufacturer

Jacksonville Terminal Company LLC (JTC Model Trains) was established in November of 2017 by Two N scale modelers who live in Jacksonville Florida and have a passion to deliver Quality products to the model railroad industry.  One of the modeler’s father worked for the original Jacksonville Terminal Company Railroad, working on engines that switched the yards, so this provides some additional connections and roots. The original JTC Logo/trademark was abandoned, it was reestablished, trademarked and is now owned by Jacksonville Terminal Company, LLC.

JTC is a model railroad manufacturer currently delivering products to HO and N scale model train Hobbyist. The First driving factor behind the business is to deliver high quality products, as close to prototypical as ‘reasonably possible’, while being competitive in nature. Second factor is that the modelers MUST be the beneficiary of the JTC products, to enhance Modelers efforts in creating their miniature worlds. Third JTC likes to produce models that have not been made before, and that also are more prototypically accurate products, than are currently on the market. JTC wants to deliver new products to modelers regularly to keep the modeler interested and active all year round enjoying this wonderful hobby of Model Railroading in HO and N Scale. Finally, JTC desires to be recognized and known for delivering high quality products, not just pre-orders, that are many months away, or fallen concepts.

JTC is built upon a team of professionals that work together to deliver the highest level of customer service to all our customers. The research and development that goes into new products is under continuous review for delivering prototypical correct products backed by actual photographs. Market research is ongoing since JTC does not rely on preorder sales to determine whether a product is produced.


JTC principles are experienced businessmen with combined extensive experience in Finances, organization, Project Managing, and in the Model Railroading industry. Being N scale modelers themselves, they also have a Modeler’s insight when planning and developing product.

Our products are researched, managed and distributed in the USA. We have several Select partner factories in China for injection molded production. Most Artwork is created in the USA by talented graphics artist.

JTC Products are available through Model Train retail dealers. DEALERS can obtain JTC products from our National Distributors - Heartland Hobby Wholesale, Emery Distributors, and Hobbytyme Distributors. JTC does not have a retail store to visit. We travel to several regional trade shows each year, and the National Train Show. All of our products are listed on our website. We have a monthly email for New products announcements and news. Please see the Sign -up on our Home page.