Flatrack containers with Collapsible ends - First time in N scale

For the first time in N scale, Flatrack containers with Collapsible ends. These newly tooled models will be available in:

  • 40' standard height
  • 20' standard height
  • 40' high-cube height version.

These are finely detailed miniatures with detailed Tooling and Feature:

  • operating collapsible bulkhead ends
  • printed wooden boards in various shades of grays and browns
  • flatracks will have magnets in the bottoms for connection to other containers, and to secure 'Loads'
  • various 'Loads' with metal plates to attract to the magnets will be released in 2019.
  • Packaged in Plastic Jewel boxes to protect them in shipment, and safe storage. 

Flatrack container models are to start releases in April 2019.