December / January 2024

New January Products;

There are two new products that have arrived and are now available. Direct links are below to each product.

 January 2024;

53' Container - 537141 KLLM 3 pack $59.95 - Multi Process Printing.

 KLLM Intermodal 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 (3 pack) corrugated containers wi – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 20' Container - 205393 VS JTC Holiday container - Florida Christmas

 "VS" 2023 JTCU Holiday 20' Std. height container with Magnetic system, – JTC MODEL TRAINS

WITH WRAP AROUND PRINTING. Jax. Beach Florida Christmas :). Limited.


DECEMBER Newsletter;

Good afternoon,

We hope all is well with you and you are staying warm and getting ready to receive your new JTC products. JTC would like to inform you that our pricing on new products will experience a small price increase and we are doing our best to keep it to a minimum. We are experiencing an increase in overall cost and we still want to offer you the best prototypical product at the best price like no other manufacturer.  All older stock will not change in pricing so take advantage of these lower prices now while supplies last. There are NO new project updates that have been previously announced at this time but we do have some new products NOW AVAILABLE, and some new product flyer offerings. 

 JTC will be introducing our new 53' Reefer container project series that will begin in 2024. Distributors are taking pre-orders now, JTC will begin taking pre-orders beginning December 4th for these new offerings. Flyer is Shown for your review.


New N Scale product announcement (NOW in Stock) Direct links to new products are below.

 53' 8-55-8 scheme specific tooling.

 2-packs $34.95 - 537106 Priority Logistics

Priority Logistics 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers with Mag – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 537130 Milestone (ex-Universal patch)

Milestone, Universal patch 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 537136 Double Stack Logistics

Double Stack Logistics 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers with – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 3-packs $49.95

537132 CP

CP - 'Large CP' 235000 series set #1, 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 (3-pack) co – JTC MODEL TRAINS


537134 EMP (Ex-Hub Group patch) 6-packs $94.95

EMP XL scheme (ex HUB patch) 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 (3 pack) corrugated – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 537111 JB Hunt

JB HUNT 6-pack - 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers with stack – JTC MODEL TRAINS


537143 Amazon

Amazon (Prime Arrow) 8-55-8 CMIC body 6-pack Set #1 Corrugated contain – JTC MODEL TRAINS


537144 Walmart

Walmart 8-55-8 6-pack, Set # 1 Corrugated container with placards. JTC – JTC MODEL TRAINS


537153 Schneider 

SCHNEIDER 6-pack with special 30yr Anniversary - 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 – JTC MODEL TRAINS

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