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Manufacturer’s Notice: 9 post well car grab bar, handrail, steps bent

JULY 2020

Hello All,

Thank You for supporting JTC’s first freight car, the NSC 9-post well car.  We have been notified of some packaging issues with the protective blister not being protective enough. This has caused some cars to arrive with bent hand grabs/steps on the etched metal part.  We have ordered replacement etched parts from our factory and will make them available when we receive them.  We had 2 of the five we kept for JTC’s ‘vault’ have the damage. We were able to bend them back into place with a bit of care.  We designed/made the ends out of etched metal (stainless steel) to allow the end parts to ‘bend’ instead of breaking like plastic during normal handling – The Irony!

The entire etched walkway piece can be removed (carefully), and discarded, HOWEVER - it may be worth it (easier) to bend the existing ones back into place, and touch them up or weather it. We will provide more details soon. The etched metal was pre-formed before being installed on the car. We will experiment the process of etched metal removal and report back... 

The blister is being re-designed to better protect the ends, for the next run.

Please contact us via email with any concerns: service@jtcmodeltrains.com

We apologize for the inconvenience, and again Thank You, for your support.

The JTC Team

Jacksonville Terminal Company LLC (JTC Model Trains) was established in November of 2017 by Two N scale modelers who have a passion to deliver Quality products to the model railroad industry. We are a Family owned business based in the U.S.A., established upon several core factors.   The First driving factor behind the business is to deliver high quality products, as close to prototypical as ‘reasonably possible’, while being competitive in nature. Second factor is that the modelers MUST be the beneficiary of the JTC products, to enhance Modelers efforts in creating their miniature worlds. Third , JTC likes to produce models that have not been made before, and that also are more prototypically accurate products, than are currently on the market. JTC wants to deliver new products to modelers regularly to keep the modeler interested and active all year round enjoying this wonderful hobby of Model Railroading. Finally, JTC desires to be recognized and known for delivering high quality products, not just pre-orders, that are many months away, or fallen concepts. We hope you enjoying exploring the many different schemes and details available on our unique New Toolings.  Thank You.

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JTC is now Featuring our new line of 1:160, N scale models. These Newly tooled models feature the JTC standards for IBC connecting pins and our Magnetic connecting system, for stacking compatibility and are decorated with detailed prototype printing. Our JTC container series offer Multiple door styles and variants to match prototypes.

THESE MODELS ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults. 



JULY 17-19 - St. Louis - Gateway 2020; The National Train Show - CANCELED


Product Releases

OCTOBER 2020- Many new releases AND a NEW BODY STYLE. See them All HERE


AUGUST 2020 - Announcement Flyer -New - Eleven new schemes on our 40' HC containers. CLICK HERE

JULY 2020 part 2 -  July 7, 2020 - 9-POST NSC well cars - LIMITED STOCK NOW AVAILABLE - SEE YOUR DEALER

See Detailed photos at below link:
- https://jtcmodeltrains.com/…/double-stack-well-cars-assorted

JULY  2020 - SEE LATEST NEWS or Click on links for pdf files: New 53' schemes - PAGE 1 & 2  ; New 20' schemes PDF FLYER, ..... 

JUNE 2020 - New schemes on the 40' Std. Smooth/riveted side containers. SEE LATEST NEWS

JUNE 2020 - NEW BODY STYLE - The 53' 8-55-8 corrugated side containers, with scheme specific details -first Releases: JB HUNT, HUB GROUP and SCHNEIDER - SEE LATEST NEWS section

MAY 2020 - NEW BODY STYLE - The 40' Standard height (8.6") corrugated side steel containers; Available with multiple door and front variants. These Steel containers span from late 1970's to in service Today(2020), and have been the workhorse of the trade for many years. Only the 40'  Steel HC has eclipsed it's numbers. In many countries HC can not be used due to clearance issues, so the 40' standard 8'6' height container is still most popular in many areas.

The 40' corrugated side standard height container is part of JTC's Series of 40' standard height containers, and we have Tooled 12 different doors and 5 fronts for use in this series. Door types are matched with photos for each scheme, and sometimes schemes can have more than one door type for added variety.

APRIL 2020 - 40' HC containers in Hapag-Lloyd, K-Line and Mearsk Sealand - the 3rd set for all three schemes.

MARCH 2020 - News & Releases - NYK 40' Chassis; 53' containers, and four beautiful schemes on the 20' Tank container - See Latest News

FEBRUARY 2020 - New schemes on the 20' TANK container, New schemes on 53' containers, and a New GENSTAR 40' Chassis +more..... SEE LATEST NEWS 

NEW JANUARY 2020; Four New 40' Chassis schemes; Four New 40' smooth-side containers; Four New 40' rib side container schemes; Two New 20' std. containers, and a New 40' HC EIMSKIP container. SEE LATEST NEWS section.

NEW DECEMBER 2019 RELEASES; Two New Body styles, New 20’ container schemes, and New numbers for 40’ HC containers. SEE LATEST NEWS.

NEW NOVEMBER Announcement at TRAINFEST; First time in N scale RTR;  NSC 53' well car; NWF13A ...

NEW 40' Chassis Now IN STOCK - 10-22-19 - Six detailed schemes. See Latest News section.

NEW October 2019 Releases Part 1 - 10-16-19 - 10 New 40' HC container schemes Released - SEE Latest News section.

 9-29-19 - Video link

 9-28-19 - NMRA convention Interview w Stan

NEW - TSG Multimedia Video Report:   N SCALE FRIDAY video.

September 2019 - 20' TANK CONTAINERS ! See Latest News webpage.

AUGUST 2019 - The August 2019 Releases.  This release will include 40' HC containers decorated for: 405066 CMA CGM (new logo), 405018 Atlantic Container Line - ACL, 405082 Ocean Network Express grey & magenta ONE scheme, and the much requested 405037 DONG FANG. Containers have Magnetic & PIN connection. Thank You for your support, eNjoy!

JULY 2019 Releases 48' Containers in two body styles, announcements posted in the Latest News section.

JUNE 2019 Releases Announcement

MAY 2019 Releases Announcement. New 20' and 53' schemes.

APRIL 2019 Flatracks Release Announcement.

MARCH 2019 - 40' HC Releases Announcement

JTC Models' detailed Intermodal containers features precise prototype end printing including:

* Black rubber door seals;  * Silver door rods and latches when on prototype

* Yellow & Black HC striping, per prototype style *Data placed as per photos

* All the small detail printing; builders plates, certification labels,  based on prototype photos.

Jacksonville Terminal Company, LLC - 1:160 - N Scale Models

  Our JTC container series offer Multiple door styles and variants to match prototypes,

Models Released as of JANUARY 2020:

- 40' High Cube Containers; - 20' Standard height containers; - 40' Open/canvas top container in 'wave' corrugations, and in 'rib' corrugations; - 53' HC corrugated containers; - 20' Flatrack, 40' Flatrack and 40' High Cube Flatrack containers; - 48' corrugated containers (APL2 style); 48' corrugated containers in PCR style. 20' Standard Tank Containers; 40' container chassis; 40 Smooth-side containers; 40' ribbed panel side containers(3-P-42-P-3, rib style)

Unreleased/unannounced models in Production;

Controlled Entry Kiosk & gate model. Multiple color schemes.

40' Standard height Series- Four remaing Toolings;

- 1) Standard corrugated 42 wave side.  In service From the 1980's thru Today.

- 2) corrugated wave 2-P-36-P-2 sides Panel sides - In service from late 1970's through early 2000's.

-3) standard 51 squared rib-sides - In service from late 1960's through 1990's.

-4) 2-P-44-P-2 squared rib Panel side; In service from late 1960's through 1990's.

New 8-55-8 53' container series - Scheme specific Tooling (hazard placards, GPS/cargo sensors, Front styles, doors) and detailed printing

NSC 53' 9-Post well cars. die cast metal with eatch stainless steel grating walkways, and plastic air system details. Micro-Trains brand trucks & couplers.

 JTC has more new, never before in N scale, models being tooled.  Please read our 'Latest News' section for updates.  Thank You for visiting, we are most appreciative of your interest and support. Also visit our Facebook page for more details, updates and information : www.facebook.com/JTCmodeltrains. If unable to order from a Dealer, we offer Free Shipping on direct orders in the US.  - CONTACT US via EMAIL: service@jtcmodeltrains.com

SOLD OUT COLLECTION - The models in this collection are items that we previously released but are NO longer available on our website.

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