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Jacksonville Terminal Company, LLC - 1:160 - N Scale Models

For the latest Product News, please scroll down to the link at lower Left. JTC is now Featuring our new line of 1:160 (USA) N scale models. These Newly tooled models feature IBC connecting pins and our Magnetic connecting system, and are decorated with detailed prototype printing. Our JTC container series offer Multiple door styles and variants to match prototypes. The First release is a 'Rib-style' corrugated side Canvas/Open top container, Now In Stock. Our second release is the more common 'wave' corrugation sides version of the Open Top container, also Now In Stock. Both are New Models to N scale and available in seven different Door styles.  JTC Releases 3 & 4 are two of the most popular container types in use, the 40' High Cube, and the 20' standard height container. These will have multiple Door styles to match prototypes; 7 for the 40' HC and 8 for the 20' standard height.  JTC has more new, never before in N scale, models being tooled. Look for Multiple announcements through 2018. Please read our 'Latest News' section for updates.  Thank You for visiting, we are most appreciative of your interest. Also visit our Facebook page for more details, updates and information : www.facebook.com/JTCmodeltrains. If unable to order from a Dealer, we offer Free Shipping via USPS Priority mail on direct orders in the US. 


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