Pullman 60' Flatcar series - N Scale

Pullman Standard 60' flatcars are designed from Prototype Drawings and in-service photographs. A variety of paint schemes and weather techniques have been applied to several models. A complete list of model features are listed.

Pullman Standard Built over 4,000 of these 60' flatcars, starting in the mid-1960s. Over time many have been upgraded and had features added or deleted. JTC has used photographs to guide us in designing these versions. These flats have been used to carry a large variety of loads including general freight, auto and truck frames, canisters, farm equipment, construction machinery, military vehicles, containers, logs, lumber, building materials, and containers-20' and 40' and Intermodal trailers. The first Four N Scale versions from JTC will be VTTX container flats, HTTX heavy duty flats, OTTX General duty flats and a TOFC flar-car version.

VTTX container cars are expected to be Released Q1 2024 in Trailer Train and TTX schemes. Several weathered versions will be included, with multiple road numnbers.