Walmart (star burst logo) 8-55-8 Set #5 Corrugated 4VI container with placards. JTC# 537082 SOLD OUT

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N Scale 1:160, JTC #537082 Walmart Set #5 - Walmart (star burst logo) New CIMC 8-55-8 Set #5 Corrugated container with placards and stackable Magnetic system. Scheme Specific Details and decorating.

    WAMU 030193 & 032178


    • All New CIMC Tooling; 8-55-8 corrugated sides
    • different doors and fronts tooled to match prototype photos.
    • IBC(Inter-Box Connecting pins) in scale ISO 40' locations
    • JTC Magnetic connecting system: magnets on bottom & metal top plates
    • Detailed printing as per photographs
    • Models come in packages of TWO, unless noted otherwise.
    • The IBC pins Mate with JTC 40' open top containers with Magnets, JTC 20' containers with Magnets; Atlas 40 container, JTC Flatrack containers, JTC 53' and 48' containers and future Jacksonville Terminal Company containers.
    • Compatible with JTC Retro-fit underframe kits to stack M-T and S-T brand containers on top. 

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