HO Scale Appalachian Lines Containers

HO Scale Appalachian Lines Containers. These Freelanced model railroads now represented with these modern domestic intermodal containers. Now IN STOCK.

The Appalachian Lines: Several factors came into play in the formation of the Appalachian Lines. Model railroaders Tony Koester and Steve King had quickly become friends as they developed their interest in proto-freelancing (developing a freelanced railroad based on prototype railroads and practices) and railroad operations. The V&O, of Allen McClelland, was greatly influenced by prototype railroads even as they continued to move forward while the V&O remained in 1958. This desire to stay up-to-date with real railroading was reflected in Allen McClelland's interest in prototype modeling. Heavily influenced by repeat visits to Appalachian coal country, and the realization that their three small regional railroads would face challenges surviving the real-world economy of the 1970s, Tony Koester suggested that Allen's V&O, his Allegheny Midland and King's Virginia Midland form the Appalachian Lines. Modeled after the Chessie System and the SCL/L&N Family Lines, each railroad would retain its own corporate identity and color scheme but would follow a standardized layout for paint schemes. The V&O would keep its deep blue and white, the AM would adopt a bright red and yellow, and the VM would go with yellow and deep green. Although the Appalachian Lines was initially stated to be formed in 1976, the actual amalgamation took place almost a decade earlier in 1968. Like Chessie System and Family Lines, the Appalachian Lines name would be used in marketing and advertising, allowing the three railroads to pool their resources to remain competitive. Not only was this a great excuse to use "run-through" power from connecting AM and VM roads, but it also helped strengthen the idea that all three railroads were part of a larger system, and in fact connected to the national railroad network.

JTC reached out to the owners of the AL railroads about adding AL models to the VS Series and received a positive response. This release imagines the Appalachian Lines still operating as an independent Group in the ‘current’ era, hustling products in and out of Appalachia, connecting to the rest of the country through various agreements with other RRs. JTC presents these HO Scale Appalachian Lines 53’ domestic container models, to add to your fleet.

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