February 2020 Releases & News


February 2020 News:

Greetings Friends,

Just arrived and ready to ship to distributors and dealers, the first part of next week,are releases for February. If you are wondering why so early on the announcement, well we are usually extra busy the week following a show. That is correct we will be at Amherst Jan 25th and 26th, rain, shine, or cold. Stop by and see us in the Young Building section 81, C and D. We now have the undec. 2- pack chassis on our site and NOW available are packs of 20 magnets and 20 metal plates (per pack), for modelers to increase their compatibility across all brands. These M and M packs can be used for many scales and many purposes so please share your creative side with a photo if you get a chance.


 Amherst Weekend Notes:

Well we will have pre-production samples of our newest announcements on hand and ready to view. We will discuss with curious minds that inquire, information. March releases will also be on hand for preview. We will be featured at the T-TRAK layout in the young building, and JTC will be attending Winterfest and will have giveaways for attendees at this show. More information can be found at http://www.nenscale.org/Winterfest/index.php

 Remember our commemorative Gateway2020 is ready for preorder at our website or at http://www.ntrak.org/ntrak_store/OnLineOrderForm.html and the final artwork is attached. 

 Enjoy the New Products listed below.  This release contains 40' chassis, 20' Tank, and 53's. 


40' Chassis

142002 Genstar - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/genstar-40-chassis-for-40-containers-jtc-142002?_pos=1&_sid=27cee31b9&_ss=r

 20' Tanks

204214 Bulkhaul - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/bulkhaul-20-standard-tank-container-full-wrap-around-walkway-205214

 20208 Triton Leasing - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/triton-leasing-20-standard-tank-container-full-length-3-4-around-walkway-205208?_pos=1&_sid=5e56c2f76&_ss=r

 205209 Hoyer - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/hoyer-20-standard-tank-container-full-wrap-around-walkway-205209?_pos=1&_sid=e6931b70c&_ss=r

 205210 Chemion - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/chemion-20-standard-tank-container-full-length-3-4-around-walkway-205210?_pos=1&_sid=1037eb00d&_ss=r


53' Containers

 535045 Canadian National Dual Language - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/cn-worldwide-53-high-cube-6-42-6-corrugated-containers-with-magnetic-system-corrugated-side-jtc-535045?_pos=1&_sid=7a10f00b9&_ss=r

 535007 CSX Boxcar logo -  https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/csx-intermodal-boxcar-logo-53-high-cube-6-42-6-corrugated-containers-with-magnetic-system-jtc-535007?_pos=1&_sid=f10ea2361&_ss=r

 535010 Oceanex - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/oceanex-53-high-cube-6-42-6-corrugated-containers-with-magnetic-system-jtc-535010?_pos=1&_sid=0fe8530d5&_ss=r

 535043 FerroMex very nice detailing - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/ferromex-53-high-cube-6-42-6-corrugated-containers-with-magnetic-system-jtc-535043?_pos=1&_sid=1a75b59b7&_ss=r

 535069 COFC logistics - https://jtcmodeltrains.com/products/cofc-ex-pacer-53-high-cube-6-42-6-corrugated-containers-with-magnetic-system-jtc-535069?_pos=1&_sid=1e87aabaf&_ss=r



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  • JTC-Steve on

    MATSON containers are scheduled for 40’ and 53’ lengths, later in 2020.
    Schneider and JB Hunt containers will be available on the NEW JTC 53’ 8-55-8 body. Scheduled for Q2 Release.
    JTC does not presently have un-decorated containers scheduled.
    Thanks, JTC-Steve

  • Eric on

    Any plans for Schneider or JB Hunt 53’ containers?

  • Dennis Lloyd on

    Do you hasve any plans to release undercoated models?

  • Gary Eyring on

    You guys have any plans for Matson 40/45 & 53 COFCs ??

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