EIMSKIP 40' HIGH CUBE containers with Magnetic system, Corrugated-side. JTC # 405137

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N Scale 1:160, JTC # 405137 EIMSKIP 40' High Cube containers. 

 Eimskip traces its roots back to the 17th of January 1914, when HF. Eimskipafélag Íslands was founded, with approximately 15,000 shareholders, representing almost 17% of the Icelandic nation at that time.

Eimskip is a leading transportation Company in the North Atlantic with connections to international markets, specializing in worldwide freight forwarding services. The Company’s vision is to provide excellence in transportation solutions and services.

Eimskip USA´s 100 year experience in logistics makes the company a good choice to trust for your transportation needs. We offer total transportation solutions built around our dependable and efficient sailing system in the North Atlantic. Eimskip has its own extensive worldwide office network and offers NVOCC and Freight Forwarding services to destinations around the world.

Eimskip was founded in 1914 and runs a network of 63 offices in 20 countries and operates a fleet of 22 vessels. Portland, Maine serves as the USA HQ.

Eimskip imports bottled water (Iceland produces a whole lot of this), fish, chocolate, lamb meat, salt, ferrosilicon, and chitin (a biological product found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans that has medical and industrial purposes). In exchange, Maine exports out a whole laundry list of items: lobster, scallops, fruit concentrates, blueberries, French fries, other produce and food products, automobiles, motorcycles, cardboard, steel, paper, and scrap metal.

Domestically(USA), Eimskip provides a valuable transportation link between northern Maine and the rest of the country. Did you know that most of the lumber seen at Home Depot stores along the Eastern Seaboard come from northern Maine? Internationally, Eimskip facilitates importing and exporting of goods to and from New England and beyond.


  • All New Tooling; -42- corrugated sides
  • Seven different door variations tooled: molded as appropriate. See document HERE /Added 2 more door types - Now 9 Total door styles for the 40' HC container.
  • IBC(Inter-Box Connecting pins) in scale ISO locations
  • JTC Magnetic connecting system: 3-magnets bottom & metal top plate
  • Detailed printing as per photographs
  • Models come in packages of TWO, unless noted otherwise.
  • The IBC pins Mate with JTC 40' open top containers with Magnets, JTC 20' containers with Magnets; Atlas 40 container, JTC Flatrack containers, JTC 53' and 48' containers and future Jacksonville Terminal Company containers.
  • Compatible with JTC Retro-fit underframe kits to stack M-T and S-T brand containers on top. 

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