MAY 2019 New Releases; 20' and 53' containers

Greetings fellow N scalers,

Thank You for your support of the JTC brand. May 2019 New Releases have been shipped to distributors and Direct dealers. This month's Releases include seven 20' standard height containers, and Three 53' containers. Most of the 20' containers have 'matching' 40' HC containers releases earlier. The variety continues to grow. 

Please check regularly for new products and future releases, and on our collections page you will see a fully decorated 20' Stolt tank container, now in production

We thank you for your interest in the JTC product line. We encourage you to continue to shop your local Favorite Dealer and request them to carry our product line, if they are not stocking. We will be attending the N-Scale Enthusiast show in Chicago and also the NMRA Train Show in Salt Lake City. Please stop by and see us and be the first to know what is coming down the pipeline next. 

  May Model Releases have shipped to Direct Dealers and National Distributors.



 20' Containers









 53' Containers


 Trans X

 APL (faded paint, vertical logo)

 APL (vertical logo)

It has been a very busy beginning of the year for JTC regarding new product development along with continuing to deliver new products to the N scale modeler on a monthly basis. We have sold out of several products at this time and will continue to do so over time. We have very limited quantity of the following items so get them before they are gone.

  Item Name/#                      

 APL 20' 205301                        

 Hapag Lloyd 402001                

 Hapag Lloyd 402402                


  Our rerun production schedule (different numbers) is limited at this point because we, JTC, want to continue to deliver new products not just new numbers. Remember JTC's products are prototypically correct as close as possible which include magnets and IBC pins for compatibility within the JTC product line. Our retro-fit kits allow compatibility with other manufactures and can also be used to magnetically connect other brands to each other.  

 Have Fun,

Steve & Stan

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