April 2021


Our April releases have a variety of schemes and container sizes. Below are photos of each new product. www.jtcmodeltrains.com

537012 Milestone – ‘clean’ Gray scheme - 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers with Magnetic system

537014 Universal 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers w/ Prototypical correct rear door style. This allows proper placement of the logo.

537017 HUB Group green – (JTC’s 2nd HUB green scheme)
HUB Group 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers

  • The New 537017 does not have a front placard, and different lettering placement.
  • The New 537017 - the 1-3-1 Doors (parallel handles) does not have a placard, and different lettering placement.
  • The New 537017 - Scheme specific sides with no hazard placard and two outer vents at each end.  Prototype specific lettering.

Above is a comparison of the differences in details and paint schemes of JTC's two green HUB containers. More variations are in development, as the Scheme Specific series continues.

20’ STD
205456 USMC Military (Marines) MILITARY SERIES 20' Std. height container – JTC MODEL TRAINS

205439 Siemens Wind Power SWPU – former NYK container - 20' Std. height – JTC MODEL TRAINS

These are great to include in a wind power consist, or as transit to serve the many SEIMENS projects at home or abroad.

40’ High Cube containers:

405086 MOL, brown w/ MOL initials Logo; DRYU–Sea Cube leasing  – brown w/ MOL initials Logo– 40' HIGH CUBE

405173 ONE (ONEU) magenta containers - 40' HIGH CUBE – JTC MODEL TRAINS

405177 Florens – ex-Hanjin  blue Faded with Florens stickers added 40' HIGH CUBE – JTC MODEL TRAINS

405015 Costco Shipping- New Globe logo– 40' HIGH CUBE containers

405067 CMA CGM - offset logo with green eco container - bamboo flooring box - 40' HIGH CUBE containers

Visionary Series Releases;
 Our Visionary Series was kicked off with the Virginian Midland paint scheme, last month, and we follow this month with the V & O Virginian & Ohio (535086) and our Brooks Transportation (535091) Freelance models. We plan to offer at least one NEW visionary scheme each month for interested and freelance modelers. This series is offered for sale directly through www.jtcmodeltrains.com and any dealer or distributor who would like to or needs to order for their customers. JTC would like to offer those who are interested in the VS releases a special monthly exclusive deal that will include an email announcement before the general public is notified and a purchasing discount along with free shipping to those who sign up to receive our email blast for VS announcements. All you have to do is email (service@jtcmodeltrains.com) requesting the VS newsletter and you will be added to the list. There is NO obligation to purchase the product just a heads up when they are available.

535091"VS" Brooks Transportation 53' HIGH CUBE 6-42-6 corrugated containers.

535086 "VS" V & O 53' HIGH CUBE 6-42-6 corrugated containers.

SEE THEM ALL AT; www.jtcmodeltrains.com

Most Importantly, Thank You for your interest.

The JTC Team
Steve & Stan

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    Hello: Any update on the next release of the 53’ well cars?

    Thanks Richard

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