MARCH 2021 News & Releases

March 2021 - The release of the first Visionary Series container of Virginia Midland (535088) is released and indications are that it will be well received in the market, and remember quantities are limited. These are available directly from Direct dealers and distributors may also purchase upon request only.

The 17 post NSC well car is (finally) getting its final printings, and then assembly will begin. We had some technical issues to work out at the factory. We are excited to bring these to the market in the next couple of months. Please note these will be released immediately to the market once they have been received.

Our 8-55-8 container series has required the most prototype tooling, with each scheme getting tooling specific to the scheme. Look for some highly anticipated schemes on a regular basis.

 Below are direct links to our March releases.

 20’ Std. Height containers

205453 USFU - US Air Force 

USFU, (US Air Force) MILITARY SERIES 20' Std. height containers with M – JTC MODEL TRAINS


EMSU CAMO containers 'A', Military Style, 20' Std. height containers w – JTC MODEL TRAINS

205380 MSC Yellow ‘eco’ container sticker

MSC 20' (Eco Container) Std. height container , Corrugated-side. JTC-2 – JTC MODEL TRAINS

53’ Containers

537013 Twin Logistics - 8-55-8 

Twin Logistic 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers. JTC # 537013 – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 535018 Hub Group (faded red) -6-42-6 

HUB GROUP 53' HC (extremely faded) 6-42-6 corrugated containers, Corru – JTC MODEL TRAINS

20’ Tank

205206 Twinstar tank 

TWINSTAR 20' Standard Tank Container (1/2 Length 3/4 width) 205206 – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 205243 Contank tank

CONTANK ( Yellow) 20' Standard Tank Container (full wrap around walkwa – JTC MODEL TRAINS 

40’ High Cube

405166 ONE gray (ONEU) 

ONE (gray) 40' HIGH CUBE containers, Corrugated-side. JTC # 405166 – JTC MODEL TRAINS


405140 MSC GLDU / maroon lease unit GLDU = GOLD/ TOUAX Leasing 

MSC MEDU (maroon)– 40' HIGH CUBE containers, Corrugated-side. JTC # 40 – JTC MODEL TRAINS

405141 Hatsu Marine 

Hatsu Marine 40' HIGH CUBE containers, Corrugated-side. JTC# 405141 – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 405115 MCC 

MCC Transport 40' HIGH CUBE containers, Corrugated-side. JTC# 405115 – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 405159 Uniglory 
Uniglory (orange) 40' HIGH CUBE containers, Corrugated-side. JTC# 4051 – JTC MODEL TRAINS

Visionary Series

53’ 6-42-6 VS container

535088 Virginia Midland

"VS" Virgina Midland 53' HIGH CUBE 6-42-6 corrugated containers. JTC# – JTC MODEL TRAINS

Thank You, we hope that you like these NEW & NEAT schemes, some available for the First time in N Scale.

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  • michael cole on

    Can you provide an update on the following 53’ ers:
    537018 Walmart
    537024 CP Rail
    537022 Prime set 1
    537072 Prime set 2
    737023 FedEx
    I thought they were due out in August. Thanks!!

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