MAY 2021

May 2021 -(we had a glitch that delayed the posting) We are well into the new year and our new product production is moving forward. We will have more exciting news in the coming months. We are diligently working with the production managers to deliver the 17 posts well car as soon as possible. Please note this production run is fully allocated to pre-orders, direct dealers, and distributors.

Visionary Series;
The Allegheny Midland (535087) is our Visionary Series VS container release this month and quantities are limited. The VS releases are available directly from and any dealer or distributor that wants to carry this product line. Dealers and distributors may purchase upon request only. If you want your supplier to carry any VS products, ask them to contact us and we will be happy to work with them. We also have a select group of individuals that receive an email regarding the VS specifically and exclusive special offers. If you want to be included in this special email, please let us know and we will add you to the email.

Our 8-55-8 container series has required the most prototype tooling, that is scheme specific. Look for some highly anticipated schemes on a regular basis and forthcoming in the next few months. 

Final CAD drawings for the 40ft reefer project have been reviewed and finalized. Test shots and samples will be forth coming. We will share these with you once we get them. This will be model coverage of 40' reefers like no other!


More information soon. has a ton of information. Here you will find container company information and History,  along with our key product features such as the following.

  • Different doors, fronts (lading boxes, GPS units, placards), roofs, and side (vents, placard locations) variations tooled: molded as appropriate for 20, 40, 48, and 53' containers
  • IBC(Inter-Box Connecting pins) in scale ISO locations
  • JTC Magnetic connecting system
  • Detailed printing as per photographs
  • Models come in packages of TWO, unless noted otherwise.
  • The IBC pins Mate with JTC 40' open top containers with Magnets, JTC 20' containers with Magnets; JTC 48' & 53' containers, Atlas 40' & 45'containers, and future Jacksonville Terminal Company containers.
  • Compatible with JTC Retro-fit underframe kits to stack M-T and S-T brand containers on top. 

Below are direct links to our May release which have shipped to dealers and distributors.

20' Standard height containers;

205326   Safmarine and CMBT Lines - an interesting history.

Safmarine and CMBT Lines faded (SCMU) 20' Std. height containers with – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 205434   Harrison Line

Harrison Line 20' Std. height containers with Magnetic system, Corruga – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 205399   EMSU Camo

EMSU CAMO b scheme, MILITARY SERIES, 20' Std. height containers with M – JTC MODEL TRAINS


205429   Carpenters

CARPENTERS SHIPPING 20' Std. height containers with Magnetic system, C – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 205383   Magellan

MAGELLAN 20' Std. height containers with Magnetic system, Corrugated-s – JTC MODEL TRAINS


53' 8-55-8 High Cube containers; 

537007   COFC

COFC LOGISTICS 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers with Magneti – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 537010   UMAX

UMAX 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers with Magnetic system. – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 537016   UPS

UPS 53' HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated containers with Magnetic system, C – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 53' 6-42-6 High Cube containers;

535022 Pacer extreme faded

PACER 53' faded light blue HIGH CUBE 6-42-6 corrugated containers with – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 535087     Allegheny Midland (Visionary Series)

"VS" Allegheny Midland 53' HIGH CUBE 6-42-6 corrugated containers. JTC – JTC MODEL TRAINS

 Thank You and Have Fun!

JTC - Stan & Steve

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