NEW Product Announcement - 48' Corrugated containers in N Scale

Jacksonville Terminal Company, LLC announces our first 48' container models, a 48’ Corrugated container with 3-42-3 sides, Tooling includes TWO slightly different door ends and two different bodies. The 1:160 scale 48' steel containers, will be available in two versions; the ‘APL2’ version, with ‘IBC’ corner castings at the 48’ corners, and the ‘PCR’ version without the 48’ ‘IBC’ corner castings. Each type has different access points below the doors. Both feature Corrugated sides in the ‘wave’ pattern, double height frame sides, and ‘notches’, as per prototype. ‘IBC’ Pins located at 40’ positions for container compatibility. First time in N Scale RTR. 

These New Toolings will feature the JTC magnetic connection system and ISO connecting pins at the 40’ ISO location, for compatibility with all other JTC containers, the Atlas 40’ standard & 45' HC containers, and all Prototype stacking configurations. Expected Q2 2019. Click on the Announcement HERE, and the Talking Points Here.

Liveries may include multiple schemes of: APL, CSX, NACS/FLEXI-VAN, PACER, OCEANEX, CSX/APL patch, SEA STAR, FLEXI-VAN, + OTHERS.

Multi-packs of some schemes will be available later in 2019.

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  • JTC Stan on

    Yes we will be running new road numbers for the majority of our containers. We will NEVER repeat road numbers so when they are released it will have a new product number. In regards to timeframe, we don’t know when the next numbers will be released. It might be a different scheme that comes before the next set of numbers. There is also a better chance of seeing another run of the same scheme with different numbers if the first run has been sold out. You can see our sold out list on the website but even then there is not really a timeframe. We deliver prototypical correct highly detailed models that have not been on the market and we want to continue with this momentum. We thank you for your time and interest in the JTC product line as well as you business.



    will there be more road #s of the same 53 containers you just released like pacer ,csx, etc.. or maybe multipacks ? and do you have a time frame in months . I like the lighter paint scheme on the pacer container’s but would like to see more different road numbers. I no its a pain but hardly anybody does different road numbers

  • JTC Steve on

    JB HUNT – YES, When we tool the correct containers we will produce JB Hunt. We have several New toolings in progress before we get to the those prototypes.

  • parrish vicars on

    will you be doing JBHUNT containers in 48 and 53’ at any time ?

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