53' container door types, as per prototype ....

53' container Doors: On JTC's First 53' release we utilized two of the 5 different door styles - the 1-3-1(CN & CSX) and the 1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1 (5 indents)patterns. The next release will include some of the other door types, as per prototype. Just as all boxcars are not the same, all containers are not the same, so we use the correct door types, as per prototype photos.

You may also notice that we tooled Two different Fronts as well - the 8 'rib' squared style corrugation, and the 7 'wave' style corrugation, used as per prototype photos. . JTC bases it's artwork on actual photos. Batch #1 of the 53' containers are at Dealers Now.

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