JULY 2019 Releases

July 10, 2019

Good Morning,

Attached is our flyer for our July product release. This month is the FIRST release of the 'PCR' body style, another First for N Scale. This body does Not have IBC corner castings at the 48' corners (The 48' APL2 released last month does). There is also some differences at the door end. Please check out the details of this Prototypically accurate new body style.

We have some exciting new projects and announcements that have been in the works for some time which we will be discussing at the NMRA show in Salt Lake City this weekend. We value your time and will only continue to send a very limited amount of email announcements/news so please check back regularly for new blogs/information on our website @ www.jtcmodeltrains.com

  Thank you for your interest in Jacksonville Terminal Company. Enjoy

 20' BNSF Standard container


 48' HC Containers

CSX (Large 48' marking on front) - New 'PCR' body style



CSX (No 48' marking on front) - New 'PCR' body style



CSX (No Logo on front) - New 'PCR' body style



PACER faded - New 'PCR' body style



PACER - New 'PCR' body style



SEASTAR - 'APL2' body Style


 BR, Stan

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