JTC 40' Chassis are now IN STOCK ! - October Release Part 2

JTC 40' Chassis are in and Shipping out this week to Distributors and Direct Dealers!

By now you might need to adjust your Christmas wish list, Anniversary gift, birthday gift, etc. as Jacksonville Terminal Company, JTC, brings to you another much needed highly detailed N-scale intermodal accessory to the market. If you are modeling intermodal or looking for a reason to, these chassis are a great addition. As mentioned before these are hand assembled with numerous parts, just to get it rolling. Each 6 pack includes three different schemes with each scheme represented by two different road numbers. Also in the package is a bag of landing gear to change out from a down position (installed) to an up position (in bag) for transport. The landing gear is not glued and is held in place by being a tight fit. Just pull away from the frame and it will come off. Please be careful not to pull to far away or they will break. We hope you enjoy these detailed models.

These chassis have metal plates built into them and connect to all JTC 40’ containers, and also, by using our retro fit kit (115105) will make a very nice connection to the Atlas 40' model, using magnetic force. While these retro-fit kits are stated to be for Atlas, we have been told by other modelers that they work in other brands as well - with some "modeling work".

Packaged in a Plastic Case for protection. Please see many more photos at the link below:

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