AUGUST 2020 News & Releases

The AUGUST pdf Flyer is available. 

JTC AUGUST 2020 NEWS & New Releases:

The Deadline for the NEW17 post NSC well car is August 5th so please let your preferred dealer know ASAP. Distributors (Heartland, and Hobbytyme) have been taking Dealer orders for a couple of weeks.

Update -  The blister packaging for the 9-post well cars has been modified to encompass a large bubble on each end and blocking at the trucks to keep the unit from moving in rough handling. We will have more information on replacement end etched parts, and the New blisters soon.

The Norfolk Southern OAR Safety containers set deadline for Reservations is August 15th. [Operation Awareness & Response] Please contact your preferred dealer to reserve yours today. See the JTC website for information and artwork. We have made New Tooling to reflect the prototype 20' dry container;

August New Releases.  Direct links are below for each new product.

We have our second set of the APL 20' container which consists of the same paint scheme as our first release but has different road numbers.

APL 205368

The 53' 6-42-6 UMAX  - A NACS faded scheme with patched UMXU markings, that was transferred over to the UMAX program of UP & CSX.
UMAX 535039 patch on faded NACS

Eleven 40' HC containers with all new schemes, and highly requested by modelers. What a Variety! This release compliments several of our previous 20' container releases and also covers schemes over several time periods. Each two pack of 40's in this release has a spare underframe included. These are optional replacements for some of the earlier JTC 40' containers. These have a micro-revision made to them to better fit on our 40' chassis. This was a micro revision made and very hard to recognize but we felt we needed to make it. All 40' models released after January 2020 have the new underframe. We will continue to include this additional underframe in several releases at no additional cost. These are shipping to direct dealers and national distributors this week.

NYK 405014

HYUNDA 405020

MSC 405080 faded

MOL 405050

TEX 405035

TRANSAMERICA 405028 TAL ex-MOL patch





TEX/CMA CGM 405095 TEX leased to CMA CGM

Many Thanks for the Support, ideas, comments, and suggestions.
JTC Models
Steve & Stan

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