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WELCOME, and Thank You, we appreciate your interest to visit our webpage. Jacksonville Terminal Company is a new manufacturer of model trains, the first series is of 1:160 scale intermodal containers. JTC is a small group of modelers dedicated to producing compatible, quality N scale container models in a large variety of styles. All models will feature 'IBC' connecting pins and a magnetic system, and are New Tooling.

First release is the 40' 'RIB-STYLE' corrugated side Canvas/open top container with multiple door types(5). The first batch of this style is expected to be released at Trainfest Nov. 11-12, 2017 [Trainfest Booth #5300]. If you can attend, please stop by our booth to see the first release collection which includes an International variety of schemes  including Hapag-Lloyd, Transamerica (Pyramid logo), Canada Maritime, MAERSK, and CHO YANG.
Also, look for our Special Run contribution to the 'Celebrate Soo Line' theme at Trainfest 2017. Available from the Trainfest 2017 Company Store.
The Second model release is the more common 40' corrugated side (wave-style) canvas/open top container, expected Release date is January 2018.
Below Photo: Upper container has the 'wave' spread pattern of corrugation. The lower container is the 'Rib-style' pattern, this has more squared tight corrugations, resembling 'Ribs'.
Releases 3 & 4 expected to be available in March 2018 and are of two of the most popular containers in use - Look for some sample test shots at Trainfest.
JTC prefers to announce specifics when models are nearing production completion. JTC's models are designed to 1:160 scale, and connecting 'IBC' pins/holes match with other accurate 1:160 scale models of similar design (Atlas Model RR 40' standard container).
JTC looks forward to customer input, suggestions and ideas. Again, we are thankful for you interest, visit to our site, and hope for your support of our efforts in this series of compatible intermodal models.
Stan Brooks
General Manager
Jacksonville Terminal Company, LLC

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