ONE and 'Harrison's Heart' containers released today

JTC's ONE (Ocean Network Express) containers, painted Cherry Blossom Magenta are Released today, along with the CHD Fund-raiser container. Please see Product description pages for details.

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    I just purchased my first JTC containers and to say that I am very pleased with them would be an understatement, These are easily the nicest N scale containers ever made. I bought some ONE and UASC ones and within a week of receiving them I saw both pass through my town. It was only the second time for a UASC one and the one and only time with a ONE container.

    I like container trains because the containers for the most part aren’t plastered with graffiti. There’s a tremendous variety available also.

    I handled intermodal trains as an engineer when I was on the Springfield Terminal and they were my favorite trains to run because they handled much better than regular freight trains. Trains with mostly five-unit well cars were the best as they had little slack in them. I was glad that they went to those cars as the old 89 foot cars had a ton of slack in them making for an awful handling train.

    All in all, I’m glad that Jacksonville Terminal came onto the N scale scene. It was very thoughtful of the folks at JTC to do a fund raiser for Matt Gaudynski’s son who has endured more in his two years than most people do in a lifetime. I’ve met Matt many times at the Amherst Railway Society Train Show in Springfield, MA and it was my pleasure to buy one of those special run sets. The world could use a lot more kindhearted people like the folks at JTC.

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