Greetings modelers, As some of you may know, JTC is celebrating our 3rd anniversary in November. We are incredibly pleased with how well received our highly detail models have been accepted into the market. While the R&D plays a vital role in our success, N scale modelers are the real reason we are here and growing today, THANK YOU!

News and Updates!
•   Gateway 2020 – This special set is being packaged now and will be received soon. We will get these to those who ordered, as soon as we receive them (expect late November).
•   OAR safety train – This special set with one 20’ tank container and a brand NEW BODY STYLE – a 20’ container with sign placards on the sides, and doors at each end – matching the prototype NS container, is also in the packaging stage now.
•   November Releases feature 20', 40'HC, and another NEW BODY STYLE – the 40' 2-P-44-P-2 'Square Corrugated' side containers with schemes that are from the late 60's to the 2000’s era. Product information and direct links are below.
•   17 post well car is in final production stages and we are hopeful to have them before the end of the year.
•   We are launching a new product line called "Visionary Series" Please see the pdf of our announcement, which include some early details, and hints HERE ; - This is not a new concept to the industry but is new to JTC because we have been mainly focusing on producing prototype models of shipping and transport companies. We also want to give modelers the opportunity to have some unique model pieces that will be worth talking about in addition to our regular prototype models of shipping and transport companies. This will be a fun and interesting Series over the coming months.
20' GE Seaco

405134 Evergreen HC

405522 Mitsui

405507 US Lines

405508 NYK

405557 Hyundai

405553 Cho Yang

405571 K-Line Set#2  (Set #1 will be released December 2020)

405551 CLOU

405555 Hanjin (Early)

Thank you for your continued support.  Lots more (including some surprises) coming soon!

The JTC Team
Steve & Stan

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