MAY 2020 News & Releases

MAY 2020 News & Releases;

Good Day Modelers,

We hope you are staying safe under the current situation that we are all living in now. As time goes on and we learn more information daily, we hope to be able to get back to some normalcy soon. Some sooner than others, so please stay safe as we all social distance and model during this time.

 We encourage you to support your local hobby shop by purchasing our product from them. If they don't carry, just ask them to order it from their distributor. May releases will be shipping out to our direct customers April 30. 

 As I mention all the time we are hard at work and under constant research and development. We have a lot of new product in the pipeline, being manufactured, and shipped regularly. We have had some hiccups but we will continue to strive and move forward. We miss seeing many of you at the train shows and listening to your feedback and ideas. Many of our new product announcements will now come in digital form. We hope you will continue to support our product and talk about it amongst your fellow modelers, blogs, and new product forums. If you feel so inclined, some websites have a place to leave a review or give out 'stars'..


NEW 40 Std. height ( 8'6" ) corrugated side container project; variations & Collection page:

 Below are the May release 40 Std. height container links. We have also included some additional information next to each item. Hope you enjoy our new products!

 APL 405301 Large Logo


ONE 405313


COSCO 405311


MAXU 405319 ex Hyundai patch that you can still see the HYUNDAI lettering under the patch. While the photos look like the patches are different they are the same.


HAPAG LLOYD 405314 Blue logo with black lettering


CMA CGM  405306 Rectangle logo


BEACON 405318 Blue patch scheme




CHINA SHIPPING 405307 The lettering is fully printed on the corrugations so at different angles it looks like the letters are missing or not depicted in the photo graphs. They are there and can be seen better with the naked eye.

 Other News:

  • The Gateway2020 commemorative 3 piece set is being manufactured and it will be delivered to those who pre-ordered once they arrive.
  •  The NSC well cars are still in production and we are making progress. These will be brought to market as soon as we receive them. Scheduled for 3Q , could be a bit early!
  •  The NEW BODY STYLE - 53' 8-55-8 Corrugated side containers, Group 1, have been packaged and will be received in the coming week(s). Please take the time to see all the details that have gone into creating each unique prototypical container mold. The added features are not just painted on but molded in the correct placement per our photographs.
First release is JB Hunt, Schneider, HUB Group, EMP.  click below link;

  • Pre-production samples, below photo to share: NEW 20' and 53' Container Chassis:

Thank You for your support, and Please be as Safe as possible.

The JTC Team,  Stan & Steve


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