Greetings N Scalers, The JTC JULY 2021 Releases can be seen in a 'clean' pdf file at this link -   https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1959/5441/files/JULY_2021.pdf?v=1626189578

There are many colorful models this month, including a CAT 'electrical distribution load center' container in our VS series, that can be used to distribute power to a remote building, construction sites, or Events, or for Emergency situations. And, even a CAT store container (see below). Yes, we need a Genset Power unit also...

JTC continues to deliver never before offered containers on a regular basis and will continue to do so with your support. Our release of prototypical containers will brighten up your model world such as in our exclusive mix scheme packs and our CAT Rental Store container, and additional NEW releases of 20' ONE and Maersk containers with new reporting markings then preciously released items. The Home Depot "Splash" paint container has wrap around paint from the end to sides and added reporting marks for model transporting. These are just a few to mention while the full release can be seen in the pdf link or on our website, and are listed below. Containers have already been shipped to distributors.

The 17 post well cars are in transit and we expect them to be here in July around the middle of the month. These will be released immediately to the market. It has taken longer than we expected, so thank you all, for your patience and understanding.

Visionary Series releases:

205702 CAT Electrical Distribution Unit (Yellow)
"VS" CAT 'Electrical Distribution' unit 20' Std. height container – JTC MODEL TRAINS

485023 Phantom Fireworks
"VS" Phantom Fireworks - 48' HIGH CUBE corrugated container – JTC MODEL TRAINS

535093 4th of July
"VS" 4th of July - 53' HIGH CUBE 6-42-6 corrugated container – JTC MODEL TRAINS

20' Containers;

205431 Home Depot "Splash"
HOME DEPOT CIL PAINT 'Splash' 20' Std. height container  – JTC MODEL TRAINS

205432 CPI "ECO" Box [Container Providers International]
CPI "ECO" box 20' Std. height containers,  – JTC MODEL TRAINS

205440 Dong Young [ Pegasus logo ]
DONG YOUNG 20' Std. height containers – JTC MODEL TRAINS

205721 The CAT Rental Store
CAT Rental unit. Holt of California. 20' Std. height container – JTC MODEL TRAINS

205333 Maersk (logo on each door)
MAERSK (MSKU) 20' Std. height containers – JTC MODEL TRAINS

205445 ONE (Florens lease)
ONE SET #3 (FBIU) 20' Std. height containers – JTC MODEL TRAINS

40' Containers;

405523 MATSON
Matson 40' Standard height (8'6") 2-P-44-P-2 Panel side standard wave containers– JTC MODEL TRAINS

405051 MOL
MOL GRAY-Initial logo– 40' HIGH CUBE containers with Magnetic system, – JTC MODEL TRAINS

405808 MIX PACK 40' HC CONTAINERS-  LLOYD Triestino and CCL
Llyod Triestino and (CCL) Costa Container Line MIX PACK 40' HIGH CUBE – JTC MODEL TRAINS

405811 MIX PACK - CMA CGM and Seaco (SeaFreight)
CMA CGM & SEACO MIX PACK 40' HIGH CUBE containers with Magnetic system – JTC MODEL TRAINS

Thank You for the suggestions, photos, and the Support. Much, much more on the way !

JTC - Steve & Stan

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