January 2021 News & Releases

JTC announces January 2021 New schemes, and Tooling, including the New Military series start.

This January 8th release product links are below:

20ft Bulk Standard Tank containers

205276 Military Series 20' Standard Tank Container (full wrap around walkway)

205236 LAABS 20' Standard Tank Container (full wrap around walkway)

205242 CAPITAL 20' Standard Tank Container (1/2 Length 3/4 width) 

205225 SCF 20' Standard Tank Container ( Full length 3/4 around walkway)

20ft Standard Containers - with MILITARY SERIES

205389 APMU CAMO A
APMU CAMO 'A', MILITARY SERIES 20' Std. height containers

US ARMY CAMO 'A', MILITARY SERIES 20' Std. height containers

USMU 'A', MILITARY SERIES 20' Std. height containers

205454 USAU GRAY Patch A - ARMY
USAU Gray patch 'A', MILITARY SERIES 20' Std. height containers

53ft 8-55-8 High Cube containers; - JTC's 8-55-8 containers feature SCHEME SPECIFIC Tooling, that means that each scheme has tooling specific for that number series and design. To date we have Tooling for 12 different Door styles, 13 different sides , and 14 different front designs, for prototypical accuracy. Having the proper Tooling insures that artwork is placed as per prototype.

537003 EMP - 537003 - SET #1 EMHU 640285 & EMHU 640313 - This set is a slightly different color green than # 537053.

537006 CH Robinson (light blue scheme)

Thank You for your support. Please be as Safe as possible, anticipating a positive, if challenging, Year 2021.

The JTC Team

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  • Jeffrey Herd on

    Bulk tank container trailers with split ax new 40ft cosco. Containers with the large colorful pandas all in n scale model s thank you

  • Michael Livingston on

    Great container models! I’ve only recently gotten back into the hobby and am so impressed with the scope of your N-scale offerings. Not sure if you were aware that Clare Gilbert at Sylvan models is planning to rerelease his small container ship that is modeled after the Manchester Liners Rapido and Mercurio. It would be great to have some correct 20’ and 40’ containers to go with it! Please contact me if you need any info on these. They even had canvas top 40’ and other early designs. Good luck and thank you.

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