December 2021 New Releases & News

Holiday Greetings Friends,

Jacksonville Terminal Company (JTC) would like to thank you all for your business and product interest in 2021. Your continued support allows JTC to continue to deliver new products regularly and we are extremely grateful for your overwhelming support.

We are continuously developing new products and improvements behind the scenes based on your feedback, suggestions, and photos. We thank you modelers as a valuable resource and appreciate your continued involvement.

I think 2022 will be another exciting year for JTC in N scale and in the HO arena, you read that correctly! JTC will start providing highly detailed prototypical containers to the HO market, filling the void where other manufacturers have not gone. Don't worry N scaler's we have a lot more for your miniature world in the pipeline. While railroad modeling is at the forefront of your masterpiece, JTC is slowly building industry pieces that will be essential equipment. Furthermore, 20ft and 53ft chassis will be available 3Q in 2022. Our Visionary Series provides some very unique collectable items that continue new container service for a multitude of reasons, products or service. 

If you have experienced any problems with your recent order of well cars, please let me know so that I can provide a corrective measure to your issue. We have identified another improvement to our blister pack for future shipments to avoid future in transit damages.

Our December N scale release includes new 53' prototypical containers that have been tooled specifically to each scheme which include some big names that we dropped a couple of months ago. The crisp printing and tooled details will continue to show modelers our commitment to our product line. Products will be shipping out to National Distributors and Direct Dealers on Monday Dec 20th 2021

JTC (Stan) will be at Amherst 2022 and our location is Young 76. Come stop by chat it up, see some new models and hear about more exciting new product announcements N and HO scale.
New Releases PDF FILE Link;

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays, and Peaceful Celebrations,

JTC Models (Steve & Stan) 

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  • JTC-Steve on

    The New Chassis for 53’ and 20 footers are in Production, expected 2Q 2022. A New Run of 40’ chassis is due 3Q 2022, then another run of 53’ chassis is later in 2022. We do plan to make a ‘Tank container’ chassis. That Information is TBD. Thanks, JTC-Steve

  • Jeffrey Herd on

    When are the new classes 53’ and the 20ft classes also in the future an n scale tank container split wheel chassis in N scale thank you

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