All New, and Unique - never before available in N Scale, container models.

1:160 scale, 40' Open/Canvas top containers:

These aren't 'just another container' :)  . This all New Tooling, is a First for N Scale; detail specific open/canvas top containers, JTC has tooled 7 different door styles to match prototype, and offer a magnetic connection system with 'IBC" connecting pins for stability and ease of 'switching out' your containers. 'Swapping or switching' out containers is an important part of many modeler's enjoyment, so it should be an easy process. These JTC models will be available with two different side styles, a 'rib' style corrugation, and the common 'wave' or crinkle style corrugation. Additional styles of canvas tops will be available in 2018, as well.
The 40' containers have three magnets in the bottom and metal plates on top. These 1:160 scale models have precise 'pin' locations that match other models that have correctly located pins/holes, presently the Atlas brand 40' standard height container, and some of the Walthers brand containers. JTC will offer a series of retrofit underframes for existing container models currently offered by others, and all future JTC container models will have the same compatibility, including JTC's forthcoming 40' High cube and 20' standard containers expected in April 2018. We will offer a large variety of colorful, and prototypical road names, as well, all in N, 1:160 scale.
JTC models have a modern connectivity system of magnets and ‘IBC’ pins for ease of modeling, swapping out loads, etc. Using ‘sticky glue’ to hold containers together does not lend itself to ‘modeling’ them – its too much trouble to change them out, so they just remain in the same configuration, over & over. Imagine that modelers can actively, and easily change out their container loads, just as the prototype does – what variety and change-up there will be for modeling, much like switching out boxcars of old. This is something most modelers have not been able to do, easily, to date. Our connectivity & compatibility system can change that.
We will also be offering 'Loads' for the open top containers, and other containers as appropriate, again designed to be easily swapped out. Thanks, and Stay tuned ...... Steven.

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