Yang Ming 40' CHASSIS for 40' containers (Two Pack) JTC #142014

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Two pack of 40' CHASSIS for 40' containers. They are packaged with the same prototype scheme but with two different road numbers. These models contain conspicuous stripes.

YMLZ 435773 2, 423922 4

These are models of fixed length 40' container chassis, used to haul 40' containers to their final destination. They are finely detailed, miniatures with scales frames and details, and detailed painting & printing.

Models Feature:

  • North American Prototype design with Gooseneck - All New Tooling
  • IBC "PIN" holes for connection of 40' containers compatible with JTC standard
  • Metal plates built into the frame to attract 40' container magnets (JTC standard).
  • Precise printing as per prototype.
  • 10 Lug wheel hubs, with rotating wheels
  • Comes with 'Up' and 'Down' landing gear parts. 
  • Finely detailed separately applied mudflaps
  • Simulated air system detail under side of wheel bogey
  • 22+ hand assembled part connections

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