TRANSAMERICA 40' Canvas/Open top container, Square corrugation sides. JTC# 402410 SOLD OUT

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JTC# 402410  N Scale 1:160, JTC 40' Square corrugation side, Canvas/Open top Magnetic container. Has removable canvas top. FIRST TIME OFFERED in N Scale. Features IBC(connecting pins), AND Magnets connecting system. Models come in packages of TWO, unless noted otherwise. Decorated for TRANSAMERICA (Pyramid) #402410. The IBC pins Mate with JTC 40' HC containers with Magnets, JTC 20' containers with Magnets; JTC Open/Canvas top containers with Magnets, Atlas 40' container, and future JTC 1:160 scale container.

Transamerica Leasing containers are known for their logo - the Transamerica Pyramid skyscraper in San Francisco which served as its headquarters for many years. These containers in various forms are known around the world.
In 1979 Transamerica entered the field of transportation-equipment leasing by acquiring Interway Corporation, which it renamed Transamerica Interway, and quickly doubled it's container fleet. You may have seen pictures of the 'T' hockey stick logo with ICS below on containers (starting in 1980), that logo was in use by Transamerica between 1968–1989. In 1983 the building 'Pyramid' logo came into use, concurrently. Transamerica's leasing operations also received a major boost in 1994 with the acquisition of a British counterpart, Tiphook PLC, for more than $1 billion in cash. The acquisition strengthened Transamerica's position in the international transportation equipment leasing market, as well as making it number two in the industry worldwide.
In 1999 the Aegon group acquired Transamerica, and in 2004 Aegon sold the maritime container leasing business to TAL International Group, Inc. for a purchase price of USD 1.2 billion. Through out the 80's, 90's and into the 2000's, Transamerica containers were a common sight.
The ISO Type & Size code 4351, marked on this container was used between 1984 and 1995. So, the initial in-service date can be said to be in that timeframe(1984-1995), however, the code was not changed on these in 1995 -they just continued in service with the old code (or until repainted). From 1995 forward, NEW markings use 42U1(new ISO code), for this type open top.

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