Retro-fit Underframe kit for S-T 53' reefer - Kit JTC# 115101

Regular price $11.99
Qty of 3 - Underframes Retro-fit kit which includes magnets and metal plates. 

For SCALE TRAINS brand 53’ reefer containers – These injection molded, retro-fit underframes have three installed magnets, and new ‘IBC” pin locations that match up with ISO 40’ containers or two 20’ containers to allow stacking on TOP of the JTC 40' HC containers, JTC 20' std. containers, JTC Open/Canvas top containers, the Atlas 40' container, and future JTC 1:160 scale containers. Modelers will need to remove the reefer & Fuel tank detail parts from the stock S-T unit and re-attached them to the new JTC underframe. The reefer unit is a snap off & on. The Fuel tank will need to be glued on the new underframe, and three metal plates glued to the inside roof. Item # 115101.

For stacking on TOP of Atlas 40' and All JTC containers using the PINS and magnet system, or on top of M-T containers using the Magnetic connection only (cut off PINS).

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