Retro-fit kit for Atlas 40' std. height dry container - Kit JTC# 115105

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Qty of 3 - Underframes Retro-fit kit which includes magnets and metal plates. 

For Atlas brand 40’ dry box containers - These underframes come with three Magnets, AND metal plates to attach to the inside top of the Atlas 40’ container. This will add the JTC magnetic system and give magnetic compatibility with JTC 40' HC containers with Magnets, JTC 20' std. containers with Magnets, JTC Open/Canvas top containers with Magnets, other Atlas brand 40’ containers with this kit, and future JTC 1:160 scale containers.

The existing ISO IBC pins are correctly scaled in placement and match JTC containers. Sold in packages to convert 3 models.

Atlas 40’ std. height dry container - #115105

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