Pullman Standard TTX patch over TrailerTrain 60' Flatcar, 5-8 years weathered

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Pullman Standard 60' flatcar #777000 series (various pedestal(s) configuration) was designed from Prototype Drawings and in-service photographs. This is weathered car with a new TTX logo patch over the TrailerTrain logo. Logo's are not weathered but the car is weathered for years in service. A variety of paint schemes and weather techniques have been applied to several models. Models will ship with a pre-configuration for container applications (can be reconfigured with additional supplied pedestals, included) A complete list of model features are listed below.

Road Numbers:

90586, 90588, 90590, 90597

Current product images are for representation purposes only. Actual product will vary due to mass production. This product is for the rolling stock ONLY, any picture that contain containers are for representation only and must be purchased separately.

Pullman empty - 13grams/.45oz

Pullman with three JTC 20' containers - 24grams/.80oz

Pullman with one 20' and one 40' container - 26grams/.90oz 

Pullman Standard Built over 4,000 of these 60' flatcars, starting in the mid-1960s. Over time many have been upgraded and had features added or deleted. JTC has used photographs to guide us in designing these versions. These flats have been used to carry a large variety of loads including; general freight, auto and truck frames, canisters, farm equipment, construction machinery, military vehicles, containers, logs, lumber, building materials, and containers-20' and 40' and Intermodal trailers. The first Four N Scale versions from JTC will be VTTX container flats, HTTX heavy duty flats, OTTX General duty flats and a TOFC flar-car version.

Model Features:

  • Die cast metal under-frame
  • Detailed plastic decks and other fine areas of interest.
  • Additional container pedestals are included to accommodate different configurations per specific models.
  • JTC OEM 70 ton trucks
  • JTC OEM metal wheels
  • JTC OEM  "VRK"  Very Real Knuckle coupler, body mounted.
  • Detailed printing in variation from "New" to older cars "Weathered"
  • Explosion diagram of the vehicle.
  • Packaged one per jewel box.


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