CSX (Ex-HUB GROUP) 53' HIGH CUBE 6-42-6 corrugated containers with Magnetic system, Corrugated-side. JTC # 535013

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N Scale 1:160, JTC # 535013 CSX (Ex-HUB GROUP) 53' High Cube containers. 6-42-6 corrugated sides.


As one of North America’s largest intermodal rail service providers, CSX Transportation (CSXT) Intermodal combines the efficiencies of rail with the flexibility of trucking to ensure your business stays on track. CSXT Intermodal’s rail network serves all major markets east of the Mississippi River, where nearly two-thirds of the nation’s population resides. For more than 185 years, CSXT has been helping customers overcome the unexpected. While you can’t predict the future, CSXT Intermodal can help you prepare for it.


CSX Transportation (CSXT) Intermodal combines the superior economics of rail transportation with the short-haul flexibility of trucks and offers a competitive cost advantage over mid to long-haul trucking.

Through a network of over 40 terminals, the intermodal business serves all major markets east of the Mississippi and transports goods in containers, providing customers with service similar to trucking for shipments moving over 500 miles. CSX Transportation, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSX Corporation.

CSX Corporation, together with its subsidiaries based in Jacksonville, Fla., is one of the nation's leading transportation suppliers. The company’s rail and intermodal businesses provide rail-based transportation services including traditional rail service and the transport of intermodal containers and trailers.

This New Tooling of a 53' Jindo Prototype (& look-alikes) will feature the JTC magnetic connection system and Prototypically correct IBC connecting pins at the 40’ ISO location, for compatibility with all other JTC containers, and the Atlas 40’ standard container. 

JTC’s first 53’ container is being tooled with two different fronts, and Five different door ends. This will allow for many variations and paint schemes to match prototype pictures, including many Canadian based companies. Liveries may include: APL, CSX (multiple schemes), CANADIAN TIRE, CP, PACER, TOTE, HUB GROUP, YANKE, CLARKE, CN, EMP (Pacer & Hub Group patch), STAX, SEA STAR, CROWLEY, SWIFT, UMAX (CSX, STAX patch units), + OTHERS. 

Delivering Prototypically correct products to modelers, not just pre-orders. 


  • All New Tooling; 6-42-6 corrugated sides
  • Prototypically correct; 5 different doors and two fronts tooled to match prototype photos.
  • Prototypically correct IBC(Inter-Box Connecting pins) in scale ISO 40' locations
  • JTC Magnetic connecting system: magnets on bottom & metal top plates
  • Prototypically correct: Detailed printing as per photographs
  • Models come in packages of TWO, unless noted otherwise.
  • The IBC pins Mate with JTC 40' open top containers with Magnets, JTC 20' containers with Magnets; Atlas 40 container, JTC Flatrack containers, JTC 53' and 48' containers and future Jacksonville Terminal Company containers.
  • Compatible with JTC Retro-fit underframe kits to stack M-T and S-T brand containers on top. 

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