CLOU 40' Std. Height 2-P-44-P-2 'Square Corrugated' side containers JTC # 405551

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405551 CLOU (Leasing) 40' Std. Height 2-P-44-P-2 'Square Corrugated' side containers. 

This is another New Body Style and expected to be available 4Q 2020. It features square corrugations in a 2-44-2 Side arrangement. From the end  -2 corrugations, then flat panel, then 44 corrugations, then flat panel, then 2 corrugations. Body style # 40RPS(2). 

This body style also features three roof styles as per prototype photos. Some have the 'ribbed' style roof, and others have the 'flat panel' style roof, and others have a 'smooth' style roof. More prototypical variations from JTC Models. 12 different door styles are available in the Standard Height Series, and 5 different Front styles.

CLOU (1977-1993) - Ian Karan went into business on his own in 1975, setting up Container Leasing Agency which served as an agent for his former employer.

In 1977 his company, which was now building containers and leasing them, changed its name to CLOU (Container Leasing Company). He sold his company to an Anglo-American competitor, Sea Containers Ltd., in 1993. CLOU marked containers continued in their scheme for many years, photographic evidence places them past the 1995 BNSF merger, still in the CLOU scheme... as in the below Matt Hannes photo.

Sea Containers virtually withdrew from dry-cargo container leasing in 1990 after selling its fleet to Tiphook PLC, another U.K. leasing company, during a takeover battle. The company retained control of its fleet of refrigerated and specialized containers. Both of the companies trying to buy Sea Containers subsequently ran into financial difficulties.

The acquisition of CLOU'S container fleet would increase Sea Container's total fleet of dry containers to 116,000 TEUs, bringing the number to almost two-thirds the strength at the time of the 1990 sale. 

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