Trailer Bridge "patched" Ocean 53' N Containers with IBC castings at 53' corner. JTC # 535034

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 JTC # 535034 - N scale Trailer Bridge "Ex-APL" Ocean 53' Containers with IBC castings at 53' corner.

Of note on this scheme is the way that Trailer Bridge remarked the APL 'Ocean 53' logo - be sure to check it out :).   Trailer bridge has multiple schemes on these containers, and we will have some Fun reproducing them in scale.



  • Newly Tooled "True Ocean" 53' containers
  • Scheme specific tooling
  • Multiple front(s) and door(s) for prototypical accuracy
  • Detailed printing per photographs
  • IBC pins and scale ISO 40' location for JTC product compatibility
  • JTC magnetic connection with magnets in the bottom and metal plates on top

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