TWS 20' Standard Tank Container (full wrap around walkway) 205211 SOLD OUT

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TWS 20'  Standard Tank Container (full wrap around walkway) 205211.

These are also finely detailed, delicate miniatures with scales frames and details. Rules for Tank container transport provides for transport in the bottom of well cars, and on flatcars. If the tank container has hazardous liquid it should Not have another container stacked on top of it (look for Hazard label). If non-hazardous, other containers can be stacked on top. Tank containers do not ship double stacked in the Top position.

Model Features:

  • IBC 'PIN' and holes for stacking
  • multiple walkway configurations to match prototypes
  • etched metal end ladder
  • when required - mechanical unit (Heat / Cool) and Placard/Tool box as per prototype picture.
  • precise printing as per prototype
  • these do not have a magnet on bottom, as they do not ship stacked on top of another container.
About TWS Tank Containers -  

Tank containers for every purpose and any product

TWS can draw on more than 30 years of experience in renting out tank containers for liquid products to the chemical and food industries. With its modern fleet and innovative solutions, TWS turn customers’ logistic into a strategic success factor.

The fleet of approx. 9,000 rental units is one of the largest of its kind. TWS offers a comprehensive fleet of standard tank containers and swap bodies for the chemical and food sector. Its portfolio also includes special-purpose tank containers, such as reefer tanks, super-insulated units, containers for HF, bitumen or yellow phosphorus, and containers fitted with agitators for transporting liquid foodstuffs. Our special reefer container can be used for products that need to be cooled as well as for those that need to be heated during transportation. Together with its tank containers, TWS also provides various sizes of spill troughs.

Representatives are in North & South America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

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